Martha Hoo is my name and crafting is my game.  No, seriously, my name is Danielle; I am a happily married mother of three amazing kids. (Shout out to Justin Tudor, aka: The Hubster for always supporting all of my ideas; the crazy ones included!)  I was born and raised in Brazoria County and am happy to still call it home!  My family and friends are some of my biggest supporters and without their (not so gentle) push, this would still just be a dream.


Creating things is such a gratifying experience for me.  I will get an idea stuck in my head and I am compelled to bring it to life. I also enjoy the challenge of bringing other people’s visions to life. There is a moment when you step back from your product…to critique, make adjustments or what have you…and you ask yourself; “ I did that? I DID THAT!” That is the moment that I am forever chasing.


A wise person one told me “it’s a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together”…and they were spot on!